VMware NSX Deployment on a Lab Environment

I am trying out VMware NSX on a homelab and found a great guide from virten.net, from this link. Note that the guide is just to get started deploying NSX and not a comprehensive guide to fully explain the concepts. I have inserted some links/blogs that provide good resource to understand the concepts.

VMware NSX is the SDDC technology of the future. What ESX was once for Servers, NSX is now for Networks. I highly encourage everyone to make yourselves familiar with this technology. NSX with all its features is quite complex, but the entry point is quite simple and requires only basic vSphere and networking skills. This beginners guide explains how to deploy NSX in your homelab even with limited physical ressources by downsizing NSX Manager and NSX Controller VMs. The guide starts at zero and quickly explains how to deploy NSX and connect your first Virtual Machine to a VXLAN based logical switch that is able to communicate to the physical world through an NSX Edge Gateway.

What do you need to create the Lab?

  • vCenter 6 with some physical ESXi Hosts
  • vSphere Distributed Switch (dvSwitch)
  • NSX Manager Appliance (Download: NSX 6.2.2)
  • There is no special physical Switch requirement

This guide is not intended as a comprehensive guide to fully understand all aspects of NSX. It’s just a quick deployment guide with some tweaks for low resource Homelabs.

Below are some demos:


NSX IP Pool Configuration:

Go to Networking & Security > Networking & Security Inventory > NSX Managers > Select the NSX Manager IP Address on the left pane > Manage > Grouping Objects > IP Pools

This is where to configure IP Pool (IP Address Range) for your NSX Controllers, VTEP, Guest Introspection VMs.

See this docs:

Create an IP Pool


NSX Controller Deployment:

See this docs:

NSX Controller

NSX Controller Cluster Architecture

Deploy NSX Controller Cluster

Note that there is an issue encountered, no IP assigned on NSX Controller, the workaround is described on this blog post.


NSX Host Preparation:

See this docs:

Prepare Host Clusters for NSX


NSX Logical Network Preparation:

See this blogs:

Logical Network Preparation and Transport Zone Setup

Fixing VTEPs and Building Logical Switches


NSX Guest Introspection Service Deployment:

See this docs:

Guest Introspection

Install Guest Introspection


Hope this helps to get an overview of NSX Deployment.

Free NSX Books: http://cloudmaniac.net/vmware-nsx-books/


To get a reference design guide, please check out VMware’s VVD Blueprints (VMware Validated Design) at this link.

VMware Validated Design for Micro-Segmentation

Architecture and Design

Planning and Preparation

Hope this helps 🙂


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